I found this cute little note in the basement right after we moved into our new house.


Jonathan Swift got it wrong – the babies will feast on the adults!

Old Blue Eyes

Found this picture on the street while walking down to the park. The baby looks real cute and has a big smile but the effects, from a bad print job and laying in the street for some time, make it look a little freaky.

Trying to Hide

Found this picture of a girl trying to hide herself on a grassy verge at the side of Cook Street. The only reason I stopped to pick it up is that when I zoomed by it on my bike the first time, I mistook it for a five dollar bill. The picture was cute so … Continued

Jack Shit

My friend Dave Mertzig found this in an abandoned house that I was too chicken to go into. I love the chemical spills, the double overalls, and the hat.

The Madonna and Child, Chicago

I was walking home with my boyfriend, Pharth. We are both Polaroids takers and he recognized the shape of it right away. It was half hidden among the leaves and trash at a construction site. We were so surprised to find such a wonderful Polaroid in such good condition!

Superstar Mama

I’m sure the Superstar Mama who lost this purple Post-it from her child misses it. These are the kinds of things we save from our children because they are so precious, and they get us through the periods when they hate us!