Parking Wars

I found this in the elementary school parking lot. I don’t think this note is about this parking lot, but probably related to the apartment complex that is a couple blocks away from the school.

Return of the Jedi

I found this on my windshield in Oklahoma City on May 25, 1983 and have kept it ever since. Why do I remember that date so clearly? It was because it was opening day for the film “Return of the Jedi” and my best friend Richard Hall and I traveled 108 miles to see it. … Continued

Tight Spot

Parking in Austin is horrible. Parking in Austin when you’re late to a final is even worse.

Mega Giant

I found this note on the sidewalk near my apartment one morning.

We’d Really Appreciate It

Found this on our car at our sister’s apartment late one night. Obviously, they need a special spot to load their “loads.” We park there because they hit my sister’s car before, then asked if they could make more room to park there.

The Jeep Nanny

I don’t know who Will is, but I like him. I actually knew I left my doors unlocked and consciously thought before I got out that I should leave the doors unlocked because I drive a Jeep with plastic windows and it would make it easier break in to poke around instead of slashing my … Continued

Class of 1970 – Spring

I can’t help but think that there should be more to this picture, but someone kept it nonetheless. Found in an old desk drawer with some other pictures.

Hot Rods

I found this photo on the street in front of Blakes Auto Body back in 2004. It had been run over a couple of times before I got to it. It intrigued me because the traffic lights in California are not painted yellow like that (they are olive green) and they are generally not tethered, … Continued

Car Alarm

I found this on the ground in the parking lot of my apartments … the ending remarks are sweet.