We found this within the pages of a used book. Not sure if the junked cars are functioning as erosion control or something else.

Tow Me

I found this on my car.

The Rainbow Warriors

My friend and I found this on a car in the parking lot of a Rainbow grocery store.

Rude Bitch

I found this note on the road near Central station. In a way it encapsulates what’s wrong with today’s society: the notion that two wrongs make a right.


Found while walking home one day.

Aw Yeah

I found this on my street as I was walking to the rail. It was early in the morning. Certainly an amusing way to start my day.

Simple Map

I found this last weekend at Foodlife right by the pizza stand. I like the Jag image a lot.

Can Opener

I lived at an apartment building with a less-than-ideal parking situation when I found this, so these kinds of notes were common. But, I especially liked the imagery in this one.

Hot Box

Found on my way into the library.

Ducks Very Limited

While driving in early December, I hit a duck. It was either hit the duck or cause a multiple-car accident. The duck was flying one foot above the ground, looking disoriented. Plus, I think it was selling drugs to kids. But usually when you hit an animal, the animal does not attach itself to the … Continued