Penn Sucks

I moved into a new apartment in Baltimore and started drinking early with some friends to celebrate. Needless to say, I forgot I parked my car in a small alleyway to move my things in through the backdoor. I woke up the next morning with this note on my car, which has a Pennsylvania license … Continued

Happy Days

There’s a homeless man who lives on a street corner that I pass by every day on my way to school. One day he was gone, and in his place an open bag with things spilling out, this Polaroid blowing away.

What I Think of Your Cheek

I was crossing the railroad tracks to get to the bike path along the levee when I found this note between the tracks. I didn’t see any parking spaces nearby. Must have blown a ways.

Alaska Without Words

This is such a perfect display of an Alaskan there is no words needed.


I was at the park yesterday and found this GNC business card on the ground. Not only was it discarded by ‘Jeep’ but ‘Nils’ wrote on a GNC card, which somehow implies that he or she is fit and buff, except don’t call them at work.

Please Don’t Ticket

I found this sticky note on my neighborhood’s sidewalk in a fall windstorm, no tire-free cars in sight.

Dad’s Gone

Found this under my car windscreen-wiper on my way home from work.


Found this in a storage shed that I bought at auction. The back just says FLOOD, which is pretty obvious.