I’m Not Telling You Again

I parked too close to someone’s driveway; they tripped out, poured milk on my car, and left this note.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park does exist? I found an undeveloped roll of film in a camera at a thrift store. I got the film developed and this was one of the photos.

You and Your Man

I found this in a yard across from some apartments. I’m guessing it felt as good to the receiver to crumple and throw it as it did for the writer to pound out that last period.

Writtin My Info

This was stuck under my windshield wiper the other day at a strip mall. Whatever damage he did didn’t matter, because two days later I totaled my car in an accident.

Penn Sucks

I moved into a new apartment in Baltimore and started drinking early with some friends to celebrate. Needless to say, I forgot I parked my car in a small alleyway to move my things in through the backdoor. I woke up the next morning with this note on my car, which has a Pennsylvania license … Continued

Happy Days

There’s a homeless man who lives on a street corner that I pass by every day on my way to school. One day he was gone, and in his place an open bag with things spilling out, this Polaroid blowing away.

What I Think of Your Cheek

I was crossing the railroad tracks to get to the bike path along the levee when I found this note between the tracks. I didn’t see any parking spaces nearby. Must have blown a ways.

Alaska Without Words

This is such a perfect display of an Alaskan there is no words needed.


I was at the park yesterday and found this GNC business card on the ground. Not only was it discarded by ‘Jeep’ but ‘Nils’ wrote on a GNC card, which somehow implies that he or she is fit and buff, except don’t call them at work.

Please Don’t Ticket

I found this sticky note on my neighborhood’s sidewalk in a fall windstorm, no tire-free cars in sight.