No What to Do

I work at the university and found this delightful drawing while tidying up the Aboriginal student lounge. I don’t think anyone would know what to do when confronted by a weird bucket with what appears to be a tap. Kids are weird.


I found this note folded into a square under my desk in Hebrew class.

New Africa

Found at this year’s mock UN debate.

Sorry Steve

Seems like someone’s still playing around with you, Steve.


Someone left this on the counter at my work (a dollar store). I guess Dad needed a separate list. And a pinata.

Someone’s Trying

Found on the path through the woods I used to walk to school. Came across as so sweet, like someone’s trying hard to change his ways.

Tea for Two

I found this in an abandoned house slated for demolition (#218, 25th Avenue SW, now demolished). There are about 20 of these and they all remind me of “photo assignments” from art college. Really interesting & conceptual images I think.

Michael’s Lost Letter

I found this in the parking lot outside a local gym a half block from my home. It was away from the cars in the centre of the lot and yet envelope doesn’t have a mark on it, like it just floated from the sky rather than blowing off a windshield or something. It was … Continued