Always Be My Baby


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FOUND by Michael in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Dated November 30, 2011, this note was found almost two years later under an overpass. It starts “I don’t know when you will find this …” Did he find it right away, keep it for two years, and then throw it away? Or was it undiscovered for two years, and did he throw it away as soon as he found it? Either way, it wasn’t just tossed in the trash. I picture someone launching it into the breeze from the overpass railing, watching it flutter away.

I like the sudden anatomical earthiness on the third page; always remember, it wasn’t just your dick size I fell for. Good to know.

My Feeble Attempt


FOUND by Jessica F. at University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

My roommate Tracey found this remorseful letter on the ground near her school. The saddest part is that it had been sealed with tape and obviously never opened, meaning either that it never reached its recipient, or that she threw it on the ground without reading it.