I Have to Go

Found on a high school staffroom table.

Flip Master

This photo was found in the kitchen of a community hall where a punk rock show was being held. It depicts a common Calgary tradition: a “stampede breakfast,” where free pancakes and sausage are served. Of note is the fact that the pancake is in mid-flip, and the flipper of the pancake is making direct … Continued

The Black Ace

I always got a kick out of this one. Found at the back of an old school text of Twelfth Night. Nice to know kids wasted time doodling back then, just like we do now.


I work in a photocopy place and the other day I stumbled across this box of forgotten photos and papers. I had no idea they had sweatshops for making Christmas tree balls. I love her dress, and how they’re drying the balls on long sticks, it really intrigues me.

Thanks for the Lies

I found this on a counter at Zellers. I wonder what incriminating objects Krista-Lynn found in the recipient’s things.


Found while walking home one day.

Drugstore Zombie

I work in a used bookstore. I found this in a copy of “The Birth of Tragedy and The Genealogy of Morals” by Friedrich Nietzsche.

Blacklight List

I found this on the floor by the sinks in the girls bathroom at my high school. Sounds like fun? On the back it includes “927.84XX LED -The Lizard King (crossed out) KER – On the Road JOY – Jeemes Eoyce DUN -Say you love satan KOE – Stoner & Spaz.”

I Regret

I found this on the way to the Granville Island Market. I wonder if she gave the note to her friend, or lost it before she had the chance. Either way, hopefully the secret is safe.

Adil’s Idea of Storytelling

I used this quote in an ESL presentation about children’s writing. I’ve saved it since 1996.