Trying to Hide

Found this picture of a girl trying to hide herself on a grassy verge at the side of Cook Street. The only reason I stopped to pick it up is that when I zoomed by it on my bike the first time, I mistook it for a five dollar bill. The picture was cute so … Continued

A Gift For You

Found at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts inside a book left behind at the coffee station. The book fell open to an underlined paragraph about loneliness, which I thought was significant as I have just been turfed from a six-year relationship. I will read the book and pass it on in the same manner I found it.

Bud Clothes

I saw this bit of paper lying over the drain by the curb, and hoorah! Not even a boring receipt!

The Closer I Get to You

I just found this note on the street last night. Everyone that I was standing with fell silent when I read it, and there was a quiet until someone said, “Yep, that’s pretty much it… isn’t it.” Enjoy.

On the Boat

We found this photo outside the front gate of our home. We live on a busy rural highway, so it must have blown out of a car window. The back of the photo is date stamped April 9th, 2004 and somebody’s handwriting is a bit washed out but it reads: “on the boat”. I wonder … Continued


I found this in a local mall. It looks like Giggles has nailed this one right on the head.

Shop-it Note

Greetings from the west coast! This was found on the floor of the film school I work at and it’s likely a sound design student’s shopping list. Note the lack of vegetables and the “weed” and “headphones” bookends. Typical.

Right to the Point

I found this business card-sized warning on the ground in Chinatown. These have been spotted across many Western Canadian cities.

This Is All I Had

This note was found on the walkways of Vancouver. Someone was lucky and got some cash from mom to get their mop trimmed.

He Is Killing Your Kids

This note was folded and stuck in the spaces of a wooden bench. It was fairly subtle– not everyone would notice it and investigate, but I feel that it was placed to be found.