Good Editing

I found this well-crumpled movie review along the abandoned tracks in South Granville. Well, was it good or not?

Pick-up Lines

I found this at my school wedged between my desk.

Boys Toys

This note was found on the steps of a building on a college campus. It was obvious that many people had walked on it and that it had also been folded neatly into a square. The odd thing is that the closest parking lot was a 10 minute walk away.

Boom Box

The Geography Department at the University of Victoria was moving to a new building across campus. I found this discarded on the floor in the old building.

Thanks a Lot

In the midst of our uncommonly fierce winter weather this past January, parking became an even more contentious issue than usual. I found this notice on the ground that evidently had been placed on some offending person’s windshield.

Why Do I Care?

I found this in a notepad in the library at my high school.


I found this backstage in my school theatre before one of my performances one night. I bet they were amazing.

Found in a Corn Maze

Found deep in a corn maze. Appears to be a list of desired qualities for a mate, in what I assume are order of importance.