I found this backstage in my school theatre before one of my performances one night. I bet they were amazing.

Found in a Corn Maze

Found deep in a corn maze. Appears to be a list of desired qualities for a mate, in what I assume are order of importance.

The Mystery of Andre

A business plan for some kind of massage/escort service someone was planning was intriguing enough, but the reverse side provided the real chuckle.

Moose Heads

I came across a water damaged photoalbum while rummaging around a demolished house. There where a number of photos illustrating what a fun the time the guy had had, out hunting moose with his buddies.

The Dotes Are the Ships

These were plastered all over the streetlights in my neighborhood. They have been up for weeks, not sure what date I was supposed to be looking up. And where do you even find foolscap anymore?

What I Value in a Partner

I found this list on top of a baby change table in the women’s washroom at a drop-in play group.

Birthday Present & Dance

My boyfriend, Justin, found this near the portals by our school. I always wondered how people found such interesting notes to send in, and now I finally get to know what its like. I wonder if Hailey goes the middle school across from my high school, or the elementary school? And what was the present … Continued