I found this on the floor of the F train heading to Brooklyn. This guy must be from the future or something.

Keep on Truckin’

I found this guy lying on the stairs of a semi-fancy local restaurant. He hangs out in my wallet and when I am asked who he is, of course I say “He’s my boyfriend.”

Sincerely, Mary

Found outside apartment on Main Street.

Equally Beautiful

This note was found on Memorial Day at The Palms Casino in Las Vegas. It’s on the back of a Keno card.

You Inside of Me

I found this note on the ground in a subway station. Here’s what I love about it: 1. It makes one queasy to see someone with fifth-grade writing skills talkin’ nasty. Now, I pray she isn’t actually in fifth grade but the loopdy-doop handwriting doesn’t plead the case she’s not. Spelling-error-prone sex talk reminds you … Continued