I’m Not Telling You Again

I parked too close to someone’s driveway; they tripped out, poured milk on my car, and left this note.

Toasty Needs!

I hope this persons toasty needs were met!

I Remember My First Beer

Found this taped to a tree on my walk home from classes. Mifflin St. Block Party was this weekend … perhaps the “degenerate” was influenced to throw a beer bottle at a car after participating in Mifflin. Sucks for the owner of the car, but they were quite creative in their insults, so I have … Continued

You and Your Man

I found this in a yard across from some apartments. I’m guessing it felt as good to the receiver to crumple and throw it as it did for the writer to pound out that last period.

Out of Control Cop

This was found in a parking lot for the downtown oceanfront access while my family was on vacation in Hawaii.


I live in a subdivision outside Kansas City. My sprinkler system lost power at some point and I didn’t know it was turning on at odd times. I received this index card folded in half, taped shut, and mixed in with our mail. Out of all my neighbors, there is only one I thought might … Continued

Bad Mood Dude

My husband was taking out the trash and found this note. We are the only ones in our neighbourhood without kids – since we can’t make out the “signature” we have been wracking our brains trying to figure out which kid is mad at his/her mom!

Satan’s Helpers in Bakersfield

I work for a large corporation in a mega-complex that was built in the early 1980s. While cleaning out my desk in preparation for a move, I found this postcard jammed into the back of the drawer.

Shuga Lane

Found this at a YMCA lab I used to oversee. One of many mad notes inked on our printers with perplexing threats.