Dookie Shart

Cathay found this on the street yesterday after seeing Harry Potter. I think the author pretty much stated his position clearly.

Real Crimes

I think Found is a literary garage sale and the world is the garage! This was found as I was walking home from the movies. Was it written by a driver that was nabbed by traffic cops? Maybe the person thought the Denny’s employees should be fighting crime rather than serving eggs?

Back OFF!

When we were looking for a place to sit in a crowded bar, we snatched a place just as two men were leaving. I picked up the happy hour menu to see what was offered and this note was on the back. We weren’t sure if the note was meant for us or not, but … Continued

Rude Bitch

I found this note on the road near Central station. In a way it encapsulates what’s wrong with today’s society: the notion that two wrongs make a right.

Drive Me to Class

I saw this taped to a lamppost one day, and grabbed it after a couple of weeks. I completely sympathize as my wife’s bike- and later her bike seat- were stolen around there the year before.

Happy Thanksgiving

I found this note on day in my classroom after the kids left. I was initially sad to hear that somebody had a rough morning and then i realized that some of the kids hadn’t been on task the entire time during the period dedicated to silent sustained reading.

Spew Note

We found this outside the student union cafe. I guess Kate cleaned it up for him.

A Retirement Home Is Not a Nightclub

I live in a retirement home that also has students living here too (I’m one of the students). One night some students were playing music in the student floor lounge and some guy who was staying in one of the bed and breakfast rooms came in and yelled at them. Then he left this note.