Dear Family….

FOUND by Todd and Melissa in Tucson, AZ
We were at the Goodwill in Tucson on 4th Ave Downtown and found this inside a book. We were too cheap to actually purchase the book itself so we asked if we could have it along with some other purchases we made that day: a picture sleeve 45 of David Bowie’s “Modern Love” for 45 cents and a bunch of Harry Potter cassette tapes.

I Can Never See Tomorrow

Found by Lenie in NYC, NY

A tenant moved out & left their whole life behind, from baby books to artworks, love letters to random musings. Drawers had old lottery tickets & clippings of hair, film reels & broken earrings-the detritus of a life. So, as Rod Serling would have said, “Submitted for your approval, one envelope with handwriting…random lovelorn musings or something else entirely.”

Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Found by Cheryl; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I found this on the ground at a shopping mall. I passed it once and didn’t pick it up, but told myself if I went back it was mine. Could have been a grocery list or something else mundane. But it turned out to be notes someone made related to a break up! Delicious. Maybe so they’d remember what to rehash with their soon-to-be ex over the phone? I was quite pleased with the find. On the back it reads:
- big brother
- bachelorette party

I’ve been looking at it, interpreting it and trying to imagine the other person’s side of the story. I’m keeping this thing. It’s a good creative exercise.