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Found by Jim Davis in Slidell, Louisiana

I discovered this picture on the outside window ledge of a restaurant that used to be a railroad depot in Louisiana. I don’t know what the guy is rolling up – it’s kind of like he stops mid-toke with that regular cigarette when he sees what the other guy is working on. If you blow it up, you’ll see coins in the tall guy’s outstretched hand, and that they seem to be standing in front of a cage. A cock fight, maybe? The dressed up dude who’s rolling seems too dressed up for a cock fight, though, unless maybe it’s because he’s been booked as the opening act. The picture at first seems real early sixties, until you see the white guy in the background, sort of like it has traveled through time and picked up a recent passenger before I met it at the railroad station to bring it home. The white parts are where the photo surface has cracked and flaked off, and the other marks on the surface look as if the coating has melted in the heat. It could be a few months old, or a few years, but regardless, timeless.