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Cardinal Knot Hole Gang

Found by Dani in St. Louis, Missouri

A couple years ago, while painting the inside of a closet in her home, my mom’s brush ran into something stuck between the slats in the closet wall… she pulled out a child’s wallet from the 1940′s belonging to a boy named Ken Bock or Ken Bouk. I did some digging early on to try and locate the wallet’s owner but had no luck. When I moved recently, I found the wallet again and was reminded how fun it’s contents were … so I’m sharing! Included with these cards was also the pieces of a torn up note. From the best I can tell… the note read as follows: (1st writer) “If Harper thinks that (name?) likes her, she has another thing coming. Last Friday at the party, the (?) was doing okay, but he was just out for a good (time?). He said he thinks Harper is a (sloppy? looks?) and has the (big hips?) and all kinds of things. Do you know who I did like 4 day ago?” (2nd writer) “No but that must have been something if you don’t like them anymore.” (1st writer) “If you want to know it was you. But it wasn’t a chance with (Charles?). Had made up my mind to go back to (Harp?)”