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Found by Jay in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

So, there is, in fact a story attached to this and it involves you!

I had never heard of FOUND before, but I’ve always liked to collect other people’s old stuff. So, when I was browsing through the used bookstore and found the attached card, I held onto it (even though I didn’t want to purchase the book it had been in). As I continued my browsing, I came across a very interesting looking book. It was large, brightly colored and appeared to be covered in notes. I wasn’t sure what it was about, but I figured I’d find out later, it was too fascinating to pass up (I’m a compulsive book buyer and can’t walk buy a unique looking book. Even if I have no idea what it’s about). I slipped the card into it and continued my shopping.
I purchased my stack of books and took them home to discover what wonders they held. You can imagine my delight when realizing that I had unwittingly stumbled upon a book dedicated to a weird little quirk I thought I alone had. So, that is how I found FOUND and this card came to me on the same day.

Thank you so much for making me feel less creepy and also giving me my fix of FOUND!