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Turn Down For What


FOUND by Ken in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Found this while walking to the store. It was lying by the sidewalk, across the street from a well-known (and LOUD) party house, at the intersection of Fuller & Fulton. Having just discovered your website a few days ago, I was pleased with this find. I’m scanning the ground like a dork every time I leave the house now.


(REBLOG from 2008)

Groceries and Sex


FOUND by Leslie Constans in Tualatin, Oregon

I found this list in June 2002 in the women’s restroom of a supermarket. I glanced over the front and realized that someone had forgotten her shopping list for an upcoming vacation. I probably wouldn’t have flipped it, except for the fact that the person had written “-over-” at the bottom of the page. The back listed a number of activities to do while on vacation, ending, amusingly enough, with “lots of sex.”

(Re-blog from 2004)