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You Think You’re Ugly But You’re Not

Found by Angela Mohle in Houston, Texas

I moved a year and a half ago and finally got around to unpacking my box of finds. I’ve been trying to add but since I moved I haven’t found much of anything good. I live on a golf course now and I guess doctors and lawyers don’t drop much stuff, although I did find a nice leather cell phone case once. This was found on the sidewalk next to my truck, outside my new apartments. I have the whole scenario: Jasmine wrote to Kevin and gave it to him on the school bus. He got extremely embarrassed. He decided to answer to her on the inset section of note (because the handwriting is completely different). I’m picturing him holding it up for her to see, then wadding it up and throwing it out the window of the moving school bus, where it bounced off my truck and landed on the sidewalk. I wonder if they ever “hooked up.” *shakes head* Kids these days. We used to just call it fucking.