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To Donna, Love Bob

Found by Sheri in London, England, UK

I attend law school in Los Angeles and was in London for a summer international law program. Two copies of this photograph were taped to a pole outside our school on Great Russell Street.


  1. Chrome Toaster says:

    There was such a fun story surrounding this Find.. hold on, lemme see if I can google it really quick…

    Oh, well would you look at that.. I Found a comment from my good friend, FeeLing Incoherent! Enjoy!

    Feeling in coherent
    This was an apparent art piece…

    I was hoping to find the astronaut’s actual name or full history (it looks like a real suit after all), so I did some searching and found the site below. Part of the Art collabrative’s motives were that “we are interested in what happens to popular ‘art’ pieces when they have no clear author.”

    Well I know what happens… They get sent to Found.

    For a full explanation, go to:

    And here’s a tiny URL version…

    + July 06, 2009 04:13 AM +

    The comment is old, but the links are still good. Check it out. xoxo