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Rose and Thorns

Found by NikMonique in Mesa, Arizona

Walking out to my car one evening, I noticed something small, rectangular, and white laying on the asphalt, smack in the middle of the neighborhood road. It was slightly monsoon-y out, yet the rectangle did not budge or flutter. I assumed it was a piece of paper or an index card that had gotten damp from the on again, off again showers we had been getting all day long. Since it wasn’t going anywhere at that moment, I made a pact with myself to grab the litter out of the road when I returned home later – if it was still indeed there, of course. For well over a week, I made that same pact with myself every time I saw the white rectangle on the ground, which had a habit of migrating from one half of the block to another, back and forth, day after night. Then, one day, it was no longer around. To tell the truth, I felt almost as if I had lost a friend, even though my lazy butt had never actually bothered to go pick the piece of garbage up! Two or three days passed, the monsoons dried up and went away for the year, and a nice breeze had picked up and blown the last of the clouds away. This same breeze also brought my little, white, rectangular litter friend back to me, gently setting what turned out to be a clear picture protection sheath, with one, perfectly square, white bordered, old-school looking photograph nestled safely and securely inside. Amazingly enough, the picture had been laying face-down, getting run over by cars, rained on by the monsoons, and ritualistically ignored by yours truly; yet, it remained in wonderful condition! My heart kind of warmed when I first saw this candid shot. What a happy, fun moment to have captured on film! I figured it had to be one of the neighbor’s missing momentum, yet no one that I approached had any leads as to whom this photo might belong to.