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Must Love Cats

Found by Chrome Toaster in NE Tacoma, WA

I found an old photo album in a dilapidated shed behind a house I used to rent. (2007) This guy must have been a cousin of the main characters featured in the album; there are only a couple of pics of him. He looks like a cool guy.


  1. Chrome Toaster says:

    hey, wait! whaaat? I have all-star finder status? I was so happy to see that this handsome young guy has FOUND his way from the Mobile APP (wheee!) to the Website (website? does anyone actually USE those anymore…?)

    I will always have a little secret crush on this guy.

    thank you, FOUND, for making my day just that much better. Love, Always.

  2. Chrome Toaster says:

    I’m especially excited to see this, because NOW I can legitimately add these cool cats to my curated FOUND collections: Hotties of FOUND and FOUND Pet Show. (hmm. maybe Art Gallery, too?) xo