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Lost and Yappy

Found by Terri Randall in Danvers, Massachusetts

While walking my dog Allie one afternoon on the town’s rail trail our forward progression was suddenly stopped when across the path slithered a small garden snake. In true dog fashion, Allie chose to promptly chase the snake into the marsh grasses that run along one side of the trail. Pulling her back I discovered within the parted grasses a crumbled up neon yellow piece of paper. Intrigued I opened it up and was surprised to discover this quite powerful political statement cleverly disguised in the form of a lost pet poster.
The discovery of this find has made me realize three things about my hometown. First, there is a very creative Democrat living here with impressive Photoshop skills and a strong political but comical viewpoint. Second, there is also a resident who is clearly an outspoken Republican that loves President Trump and is not a huge fan of political –based works of art, and finally, I found it ironic that it took an “actual” snake in the grass to reveal to me the political undercurrents running through this small Massachusetts town.