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I Ask That Some Girl Will Open This Up

Found by Brendan in a local fast food restaurant

This young man clearly suffers from “nice guy” syndrome, and is driven to leave notes promoting his own worthiness for any girl who might come along. I’m particularly heart-broken by the passage at the end, in which he says he doesn’t believe in abusing girls.


  1. Tundra Woman says:

    on July 4, 2012 at 12:01 pm
    I hear ya Brendan.
    But there’s something a bit…creepy about professing your “love” to some 80 yr. old great-grandma who may have found this note.
    The whole “Believe me” followed by disavowals of physical/emotional abuse undercuts the credibility of the writer despite his assertion of being “intellegent”. I have NO DOUBT he’s seen “alot of girls I really like very much.” I bet he’s never seen one who didn’t fit this description.
    Maybe great-grandma will get lucky after all!
    (Or maybe she’ll be found dead in his fridge.)