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Found by Eric Moore in New England

This is a different kind of found note that isn’t the typical stranger found note. My mom recently got into a “cooped in the house New England winter cleaning fit.” Cleaning out old college, elementary school, and Hebrew school books that none of us really need anymore she found a note proving what a “jerk” I was/am. What made this funny for us is that none of us can remember the context, making it just as anonymous as a random found note found outside our home. Like a stranger’s found note, we had to ask ourselves what the situation was that lead to the note. “Hstish” is our favorite – love it for so many reasons. a: How did she write this if I was holding her hostage? b: Why did she put it in a book? Like a message in a bottle to hopefully one day be discovered by my parents? c: What was I doing to her? Still have no clue what was going on here. The note is over 12 years old.