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Family Bible

Found by Bill in at a Value Village in Sydney River, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I was not at home when my wife received a call from a woman named Carmen from Sydney Forks, Nova Scotia. She said she was shopping at Value Village she noticed a clerk was putting an old bible on the shelf. She looked at the bible and decided to purchase it. It was a thick antique type of bible with a cut out cross on the cover. She had it at home for a few weeks and started to take a look inside. She found this mine examiner certificate for the province of Nova Scotia. It belonged to a William Reid, my Great Grandfather, dated August 30 1918. The bible had notes by my Great Grandfather regarding deaths in our family. I live in Glace Bay, a mining town and worked in the industry for over 30 years underground, along with my Dad who was called after William who had this bible. I am so thankful for the unknown lady who turned this over to me.”