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Ducks Very Limited

Found by Mike Burger in Ann Arbor, Michigan

While driving in early December, I hit a duck. It was either hit the duck or cause a multiple-car accident. The duck was flying one foot above the ground, looking disoriented. Plus, I think it was selling drugs to kids. But usually when you hit an animal, the animal does not attach itself to the vehicle. So I didn’t think anything of it. And when I got back to my car, there was this attached note. But, there was no duck. So, in the course of 3 hours: -I hit a duck with my car. -I didn’t notice the duck when I left my car. -Somebody else did notice, tried to claim it for themselves, and when they couldn’t, they left a note. -A third party (human or not) also noticed the duck, and was able to successfully remove it. Also notice in the upper left hand corner of the note, what looks like ‘PL2′ I believe is actually ‘PLZ’. For a while, I was worried that these two guys carry around a collection of template lunch bags and the one they use for stuck ducks is ‘PL2′. And, before you ask, the duck was not (to the best of my knowledge) selling quack.