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Don’t Show Mom

Found by Felix van Nostram in a postcard collection my father purchased at an estate sale.

Back in the day, my father had two main hobbies: garage sale-ing and stamp collecting. The way that these two hobbies manifested themselves in combination was when my dad would go to an estate sale (meaning someone has died), he would purchase the deceased’s collection of letters. He then would browse for any stamps of value. When he found one, he would wet it, peel it off, and catalogue it appropriately in one of his many binders.

Some time during this long-lasting, decade-spanning activity, my father’s two hobbies turned into just one – light hoarding. And so the postcards sat in my father’s corner of the basement. For years they were hidden from humankind until one day I unearthed a treasure of thousands of old postcards spanning from 1893 to 1969 and this one was in there. It tells a great story of a father who’s just trying to be a part of his son’s life presumably post-divorce and is having a tough time.