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Dear Hope

Found by Laura Crouch in Richmond, Va

A few weeks before I found this letter, I found a random page from a book on the sidewalk. I picked it up and read the page. The story felt familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. After a little googling I realized that it was a page from the book “Cold Sassy Tree”. This was a book that I actually had not read but one that was assigned to my sister for summer reading in either elementary or middle school. My mom read a few chapters out loud to my sister and I remember listening. Finding that page brought back a nice memory for me. I imagined it fell out of a book that a kid had been assigned to read for school.

A couple weeks later, I was walking home from work and found the rest of the book in an alley about one or two blocks away from where I had found the page. It was split into three pieces and definitely had been there a while. It was next to a trash can along with a Ricky Martin CD and a Dixie Chicks CD. I took the remains of the book with me and it wasn’t until I got home that I found this letter tucked in the pages.

Needless to say, it was very unexpected.