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Can’t Drink at Dagger’s

Found by Letta Wren in Minnesota

I found this two-sided note in the gutter one sunny wintery morning, just outside the bar Dagger’s mentioned on the note. It’s a systematic run-down of all of the things that suck in this person’s life, complete with handwriting that goes all to hell over the course of the enumeration. Here I thought I was having a bad new year, and I come to find out that some poor jerk has lost Tari’s friendship, lost Rob’s friendship, lost Bob’s friendship, been betrayed by BOTH Joy and Stephanie, barred from drinking at Dagger’s, and chewed out by Apple (who turns out, later in the note, to be the landlord who not only threatens eviction, but makes good on it). Oh, plus no Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Made my life feel a whole lot better in one fell swoop.