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Behind The Curtain

Found by Jenai in Oakland, CA - outside the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center

I found this photograph along with a number of others dumped beside a construction fence I passed on my way to my morning run around Lake Merritt. This one stood out as particularly mysterious. I feel like the girl’s gesture is part “come hither”, part “fuck you” and part “ooh, money”. But WHAT is the story behind this picture???
Also that shower curtain print.


  1. Chrome Toaster says:

    Excellent Finder’s Blurb. The Finder nailed my exact observation, regarding the hand gesture.

    The half-face of shower girl that is visible reminds me of Kate Austen from LOST.

  2. Chrome Toaster says:

    I love the Finder’s blurb for this one! It says exactly what I was thinking when I first saw this photo. *enexelent* Find!