From My Levatoranz

No idea what a Levatoranz or a Bulbospongiosus are, but it does seem that “J” really loves Matthew. This was found in a book outside at The Strand bookstore in New York City in the $1 books section.

BLANKED On Christmas

My friend and I were exiting our school cafeteria when we saw a note flutter to the ground. We didn’t get a chance to see who dropped it but whoever it was, she was chatting with the principle. My friend scooped it up and unfolded it quickly. we read it and started dying laughing and … Continued

Hard Christmas

I found this lying in a puddle close to Ladywell Fields and it immediately raised questions about ladywellness before Christmas.

Spandex for Xmas

This was in a box of letters, photos, postcards and other items, abandoned in the attic by the prior owners of the house my brother bought recently.

Santa Stache

The annual mowing of the thick vegetation growing on this coastal Humboldt County dank gully road (NO, NOT THAT KIND OF DANK) revealed some old trash bags ripped open, spilling their contents into the cut ferns. Many photos and slides were hidden therein, lovingly distressed and melted by the weather. The back says Mar 69, … Continued

Metallica and World Peace

I was at my yearly visit to church on Christmas Eve with my in-laws. We got there early so I decided to wander around the school. This especially caught my eye, because it’s the exact same Christmas list I have.