Found floating down a stream in rural Indiana, near the Illinois border. Not your usual place for a princess, well-dressed or not.

Suiside Door

I found this next to my neighbor’s mailbox.

What the…?

Found this in a vintage store.

Why Me?

There was a group home for women down the street from us. I found this while shoveling snow. I was about to dispose of it when I read the last item.

That Box

This note was flapping down the beach by the North Avenue pier. I was with Nicole and Claire. It was a clear, windy day- Thursday May 11, 2000. This note is written on the back of a blue piece of stationary from a Secretarial-Bookkeeping Service in Kansas City. Of all the cryptic, inexplicable phrased I … Continued

I Don’t Hate Jesus

I found this note rolled up inside a sock on my front doorstep.

Chinese John Lennon

I hope Chinese John Lennon can find a way to take the ferry to Hamilton Ontario, otherwise Paul Ming will have to break up the band and form Chinese Wing.

Check on the Graves

I found this little note while cleaning out my desk at work. I am pretty sure a child wrote it from the handwriting and content. I like the bit about tell me if the wind is still blowing. Thought it was a cute, yet disturbing, look into the secret lives of children.

It’s All Yours

I found this on someone’s front lawn today. At first I thought it said, “It’s all you,” and then I read more and realized that it must have been some sort of sign a child made for a free giveaway of unwanted stuff…There is an elementary school across the street. I like the “No Momey” … Continued

A Straight Nooner

Here’s a scanned image of a note I found last weekend along the American River in Sacramento. The note was lying in some grass alongside the river next to a few empty beer cans (Coors Lite) and some discarded fishing line.