Touch the Fire

Not sure when or where this came from, or how long it was waiting inside that book for me to find it. I always find stuff in books but when I found this I thought it seemed worthy. Anyway it’s become my favorite bookmark, at least until I forget it inside a book for the … Continued

The Answers to 7 & 8

This looks like an old test for a philosophy course on time travel. By the handwriting, it looks like the author was in a bit of a rush.

Not Even Half Way

I came across this notebook paper at the Golden Gate Park.

Summer Plans

I used to work at a bookstore. Last February I discovered this somewhat frightening/intriguing to-do list in an empty shopping basket.

Ralph’s Note

I had been playing my music (which can get pretty odd at times) one night in my apartment. The next day, I woke up to a lot of sounds outside my door. I opened my door to see paramedics taking away my neighbor. He had died, apparently during the night.