To Prevent a Horse from Eating

I found this note card on a projector cart at school. It was so strange and charming I had to send it in.

Ran Over Bob

I found this intriguing note on the ground in the short-stay car park at Stansted Airport. It was written on the back of a Hertz car rental post-it note. Did Gary run over Bob with a Hoover, I wonder?

Death and Smiles

Obviously a rough night … who was Hattie? What (or who) is GH? Are the blotches tears? What struck me most about this note is the smiley face at the end … maybe hope that things will get better?

To Stay Helthy

I found this on my door a few days ago. My kids have grown and gone now, but I was sure tempted to call Martin anyway. I’m especially intrigued about the kids staying ‘helthy.’


I was looking for a building I could use for a business idea when my realtor took me inside an old laundromat. I found this tacked to the bulletin board. I love that he added “Romantic” as an afterthought, and then what someone wrote on it after they read it.

Touch the Fire

Not sure when or where this came from, or how long it was waiting inside that book for me to find it. I always find stuff in books but when I found this I thought it seemed worthy. Anyway it’s become my favorite bookmark, at least until I forget it inside a book for the … Continued

The Answers to 7 & 8

This looks like an old test for a philosophy course on time travel. By the handwriting, it looks like the author was in a bit of a rush.

Not Even Half Way

I came across this notebook paper at the Golden Gate Park.