I found this in the back of a used Spanish textbook ordered on

Job Aplactions

I was out walking my dog in the neighborhood during one of the first days of spring. We crossed the street and I saw this.

Computer Words

I found this folded up outside the Perth Art Gallery

Private: Captain

I purchased a copy of “Jim Henson’s Designs and Doodles” and found this note crammed in the front cover. The person to whom this note is addressed and myself have the same name.


While perusing through books at a local used book store, I came across a book titled “Office Affair.” This inscription was on the inside page. Pretty interesting. Had to purchase the book.

Ghetto Food

My co-workers and I found this note attached to the shared office refrigerator, which was down the hall and around the corner from our little pod.


Found while walking home one day.

I’m So Sorry

Found this message on the back of a business card in the stairwell of my apartment building.