Patrick’s Accomplist

A bunch of friends and I took the safe bus to the bars downtown for some drinks and good times. Right when we got off at our stop, we found this gem laying on the sidewalk. Perfect way to start the night off!

Where to Do It

I found this walking back from the Y, just blowing across the grass, on a college campus. I say this couple has gone around from the “crossed off” locations and has a lot more places to go.

Great Job on

I found this when I needed it most. It was on the door of a bathroom stall.

Blue Velvet Revisited

I found this picture laying on the sidewalk in lovely downtown Shawano. This photo kind of creeps me out. The gnarly old man caressing this young woman. She kind of looks creeped out, too. My friends and I have come up with many stories about this photo, but none of them turn out good.

I Remember My First Beer

Found this taped to a tree on my walk home from classes. Mifflin St. Block Party was this weekend … perhaps the “degenerate” was influenced to throw a beer bottle at a car after participating in Mifflin. Sucks for the owner of the car, but they were quite creative in their insults, so I have … Continued

Gone Muskie Fishing

Back in the early 90s I worked for the Stevens Point Parks Department, keeping downtown Main Street and the Square clean. I found a lot of weird stuff working there (you wouldn’t believe how many bullets I found), but photos are always something I feel the need to hold on to. I found this picture … Continued

Giraffe’s Tongue

After volunteering to usher the Christmas concert by a local choral group, a friend found this note, folded over and on the floor (it was labeled “Jerk!” on the front).

Switchin’ Teams

My wife and I were sitting at an exit light off the Madison beltline when I noticed the title of this piece of paper that was sitting on the side of the road. I simply had to read it.

Angry Granny

I found this in a used book store. It was tucked in a World War II book.


I found this tacked to a cork board in a random university building. It is by far the strangest pony I have ever seen. No face, two legs and a torso that looks like a deformed squash? This pony has some problems.