To A Future Member of the Mormon Faith

The volunteers of the Jail Library Group at UW-Madison found this inscription in a donated copy of the Book of Mormon. The book is now in the Dane County Jail’s collection.

Re-Entry Plan

Walking home from the park we stumbled upon a manila envelope, with two sheets of paper inside. The fact that the first sheet was unsigned by Tinley and that fact the envelope looked as if it had gotten wet (and subsequently dried) made Tinley’s feelings about the contract rather clear.

Trust Me

Found this in my yard prior to mowing the lawn.

Grilled Turkey

Classic situation. A friend of mine was at a rave in Wisconsin and found a roll of film. He developed it to see what was goin’ on. This pretty much speaks for itself.

Jack Shit

My friend Dave Mertzig found this in an abandoned house that I was too chicken to go into. I love the chemical spills, the double overalls, and the hat.

Things To Do

I found this list on the floor in an aisle at Tuesday Morning, the store that I work for. I was so excited that I finally found something worth sending in!


Found this while walking my dog. He’s pretty helpful in sniffing out good finds. I think that I’d lie too if someone called me a god damned bitch.

Cheese Crackers

Funny thing about this find! I was talking about what to get for dinner when we came across this.


I found this on the street in the late seventies. There are shoeprints on the back. My guess is they’re sisters.