Snowed In

I found this in a photography book published in 1977. I think the author is referring to the great blizzard of ’78.

Gamers Ski Trip

David, Nick, and Rupert go on a ski trip…

Fall and Winter Goals

It looks like a list of goals from 2 people. I love that “get laid” is underlined 3 times.

Kill the Rabbit, Kill the Rabbit

I found this old photograph along with some others in the flea market. I was pretty sad to see someone throw away a photo with such character. These men lived only 60 years ago, and no one cared to keep this picture of them.

Future Miss America

I was working a shift at Bath & Body Works the week before Christmas when I found this folded up on one of the shelves while cleaning up. I hope the maker of this list received at least one of these things for Christmas.


One of the photos I found left in a computer lab scanner where I work.

It Is Junk

In Chicago the people fight over parking spots on public road way that they shovel out, sometimes it gets personal!

My Friend Frosty

I found this picture inside a hot pink envelope outside my friend’s house. We were having band practice and I was carrying a big amp up to the house- I noticed it because it was so bright with the sun shining on it.

Lost Olympics

I found this in a book I bought at a used bookstore. The shady man in the hat in the foreground makes the photo even more mysterious.