My Beautiful Failure


FOUND by Abby in Los Angeles, California

I found this letter in the very back my kitchen cabinet stuck against one of the sides. My best friend and I found it the very first night we got to my brothers guest house in LA where I was moving to, after being on the road for three weeks driving across the country. It was clearly left behind (for how long i’m not sure my brother had just moved into the house three months prior), the guest house was pretty much empty when I moved in, but this managed to stay behind when the old residents moved out. It is now one of my favorite things that I own.

The Sands of Wine


FOUND by Linda Hesh in Alexandria, Virginia

I found this small artwork in a book titled “Sunlight at Midnight: St. Petersburg and the Rise of Modern Russia” that I took out from the Martha Washington branch of the Fairfax County Public Library (Washington, DC metro area). I will be doing a public art piece there so I am reading about Russia, and it was interesting to find a small piece of free public art with my study.