Country Wedding

I found this in my suburban neighborhood. It was one of two photos on a yellowed photo album page. I especially like the lady in the lower right-hand corner; she seems so happy for the couple. This must be from the ’30s or ’40s (if someone can identify the car, maybe we can pin it … Continued

They Do

I found this broken 35mm negative in front of a wedding photographer shop, along with other cut negatives. I love the vintage color, the clothes, the groom and bride looks and the plant behind!

The Woman in Blue

This picture fell out of a book I had borrowed from the New York Public Library.  It looks like it might be a wedding, but intrigued.  Is she the mother of the bride or groom?  A grandmother?

To Do: Wedding

I found this wedding to do/budget list on the wet sidewalk in front of Nicola’s Restaurant.

Tiresome Wedding

I was at the transfer station at our dump and I spotted the first photo on the ground as I threw a a trash bag into the hopper. I immediately picked it up and took it with me. Little did I know, it was in a sleeve from a photo album and there was a … Continued

Totally Hot

Wanted to add this car bride picture to your collection. Found in a parking lot in Munster.

So Wait, Is That a No?

Here’s a scanned copy exactly as it was found- crumpled and discarded into a small ball on my front lawn. Apparently, Kim said no.

Happy Couple

This Polaroid is one of our favorites. I unearthed it from down deep in the couch cushions. Since our couches were purchased at a second-hand store, the photo’s origin is shrouded in mystery. It’s hard to tell the year, but the cars in the background and the little girl’s outfit suggest the 60′s or 70′s. … Continued

Wedding Day

I found this on a copy machine. I guess this is what you get if you don’t spring for a professional wedding photographer. These folks wanted a nice shot of the bride’s bouquet; I wonder if they did a close-up of the hands with the wedding rings, too?