Dear Bruno

Found in a parking lot near where I work. Bruno’s clearly not the groom… See you tonight! (I think not!)

Wedding Photo

I had gone to the recycling center to drop off my cans, glass, etc. and found this memento on the asphalt between the big dumpsters for`plastic and paper. I want to think this is a mistake. Why would someone throw away a wedding photo? I am guessing it is from the 1930s, possibly the 40s. … Continued

Cuttin’ a Rug

Found these two photos while cleaning out the house of a dead relative. They were stuck together behind a tiki bar.

Dressed to Kill

I was browsing a book in the hospice thrift store when this photo fell out. Strangely, it was found in a book about the Bermuda Triangle! It looks very old but is in excellent condition.

Country Wedding

I found this in my suburban neighborhood. It was one of two photos on a yellowed photo album page. I especially like the lady in the lower right-hand corner; she seems so happy for the couple. This must be from the ’30s or ’40s (if someone can identify the car, maybe we can pin it … Continued

They Do

I found this broken 35mm negative in front of a wedding photographer shop, along with other cut negatives. I love the vintage color, the clothes, the groom and bride looks and the plant behind!

The Woman in Blue

This picture fell out of a book I had borrowed from the New York Public Library.  It looks like it might be a wedding, but intrigued.  Is she the mother of the bride or groom?  A grandmother?

To Do: Wedding

I found this wedding to do/budget list on the wet sidewalk in front of Nicola’s Restaurant.