I loaned a book to my sister. When she returned it this rum stained paper was inside.

Action! List!

I manage some apartments. One night the garbage was overflowing with a plastic bag full of Coke cans. When I opened the bag this “Action List” was inside. Two things strike me as funny. The first is that getting a job is more important than getting off heroin. And second, besides a dozen empty Coke … Continued

3rd Eye

The day after I found your website I went looking desperately for a “find” and didn’t come up with much. That night, as I was carrying out my custodial duties (collecting the trash at a Hay and Grain office) I caught a glimpse of this photo in a secretary’s trash can. I am stunned that … Continued

Not Feeling Too Secure

I found this on First Avenue. It was nighttime and raining (of course). I think it captures some underlying discontent, or restlessness, or pointlessness that is detectable in this city where everything seems new.

The Very Best I Could

My husband found this postcard crumpled up on the grass outside our house in the spring of 2000.


In the summer of 2003 I found this photo at S 180th and West Valley. The photo has a lot of indentations on the surface — it probably got run over by cars and/or foot traffic before I found it. I’ll let you do the interpretation.

A Damn Test

This is the best thing I ever found. I found it outside a youth center in Seattle. I like to imagine young Matt taking hours laboring over this note. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the last rhyme was erased and rewritten many times. Ah…young love. Enjoy!

Stick It to The Man

We found this in an empty parking space in a grocery store parking lot near the University of Washington.