Papa’s Got a Brand New Job

I found this on the ground outside the Ballard Library. I think Papa has a hard time keeping a job and a good attitude. I wonder why someone calling herself mama has handwriting like a junior high kid?

I Declare

Inspired by FOUND’s recent visit to Seattle, I went to a nearby middle school to do my own hunt. I found many random notes but this one was my favorite.

Happy Spaniels

This photo was found in a thrift store, used as a bookmark in an older paperback– I wish I could remember which one– but my friend bought the book and gave me the happy, happy spaniels. The date on the back of the photo is April ’78, which is cool because my friend’s name is … Continued

What Makes Me Smile

I found this today on the floor of my bank. I saw it while standing in the deposit line and laughed to myself as I read it. As I left the bank, I couldn’t help but pick it up. It was so cheery. I know what makes me smile, too.

Flower Face

I was playing on the swings with some friends late at night when I found this flower laying on an elementary school playground.

Easter Egg Icon

I found this behind a shelf in the Ballard Fred Meyer store. I guess it’s a note from an Easter past.

70′s Birdie Girl

I found this photo tucked inside an old paperback book at a little store last summer (I wish I could remember the book title, but I can’t, sorry).


I found a little notebook, and it had a few interesting things in it. The author was probably in the theater, or involved in drama. The style of the whole notebook is a frenzied sort of stream-of-consciousness writing that probably only makes full sense to the author.


We found this within the pages of a used book. Not sure if the junked cars are functioning as erosion control or something else.

Baby Jesus

My wife found this posted on the bulletin board in the lobby of our apartment building. Who says the Christmas Spirit is dead?