A Damn Test

This is the best thing I ever found. I found it outside a youth center in Seattle. I like to imagine young Matt taking hours laboring over this note. I’m not sure if you can tell, but the last rhyme was erased and rewritten many times. Ah…young love. Enjoy!

Stick It to The Man

We found this in an empty parking space in a grocery store parking lot near the University of Washington.

Hairy and Colorblind

Found in a shoebox of shelf brackets at a garage sale. I didn’t buy the brackets, but I confess to shoplifting the note after unfolding and reading it. I view it as a message of hope for hairy colorblind jackasses everywhere.

Summer Plans

I used to work at a bookstore. Last February I discovered this somewhat frightening/intriguing to-do list in an empty shopping basket.

The Ultimate Art Thief

This note was folded up on the seat of the DC Metro. It appears to be written by an interesting kid…

Back to the Old Ways

I found this laying in a convenience store parking lot. My guess is their New Year’s resolution to eat healthy is starting to wear a little thin.