Damaged Heart

Found in a box full of fire damaged goods donated to Goodwill. In 1992, there was a fire at my apartment. Everything was damaged, and I gave it all to Goodwill to see if they could salvage anything. Years later, in 1999, after going through four peoples’ hands, a friend of mine showed me this … Continued

Ouch Report

I found this blowing around in the entrance of a grocery store. I was intrigued by the curious grammar and flourished handwriting.

Straight Disadvantage

I found this inside an art book (having to do with the use of color) I purchased at the Half Price Books.

Windshield Confession

I found this on the windshield of my car one morning. I thought it was a parking ticket I hadn’t noticed the night before, but I was wrong. I have no idea who in my apartment complex left it or who this could be, but I do remember there used to be a silver BMW … Continued


A 3×5 card found at Edmonds Community College.


I found this near Highway 99 last week. Did Padraic’s clever trick land him a girlfriend? We’ll never know.

General Tso’s

Found near a Chinese restaurant. Seriously. I hope it’s not a shopping list.

I, Uh, “Won’t”

I found this crumpled up in a little ball on the floor of a beauty parlor washroom sometime back. It’s now hanging in my own bathroom.

But I Like Nancy

I found this index card in a used book I picked up at Value Village.