Did You Feed My Husband

This showed up in my mailbox (wrong address): an unsigned postcard from Grand Teton National Park. Don’t most people put meals in the freezer if they know someone can’t take care of himself?

An Ominous Post-It

I found this post-it  presumably a note my predecessor had written to herself  in my desk during my first day on the job. How depressing.


I found it on the floor in a stall in a public women’s restroom at the mall.

A Grown Man

I found this flyer in a Kinko’s in south-east DC but the damn party had already happened. I would’ve loved to have gone.


I found this Tiffany gift card on a sidewalk outside a strip club.

Decapitated in the Name of Science

My friend Tom and I found this letter lying on the side of a display about prehistoric ocean life in the Hall of Oceans in the U.S. Natural History Museum. It was folded around a flyer about sharks, which may explain the part of the letter about the dad being bitten by a shark which … Continued

Nobody Sleeps in Attic

I found this Post-It Monday morning, bright and early, in my desk drawer, when I came into work and was arranging my things for the week. It was on a Post-It pad, as if the brainstormer calmly scribbled it and just hid it there upon discovery. (Or so I like to imagine) I’ve worked as … Continued