Decapitated in the Name of Science


FOUND by Eilleen at the U.S. National History Museum in Washington, DC

My friend Tom and I found this letter lying on the side of a display about prehistoric ocean life in the Hall of Oceans in the U.S. Natural History Museum. It was folded around a flyer about sharks, which may explain the part of the letter about the dad being bitten by a shark which he believes to be a non-native alien species from Argentina or Chile.

We Googled the “International Congress on Peer Reviews and Editorial Guidelines” but could find no such group or person. I will say that I completely agree with the letter writer about not wanting to be decapitated for the sake of science. That would totally suck. And I will totally drink Sun-Kissed Orange Juice after reading this.



FOUND by John Woodley Park, Washington, DC

I found this post-it note on the sidewalk next to the playground at the Aidan Montessori School in Woodley Park, Washington, DC. I imagine the note is related to a classroom activity where letters are converted to piano notes, and maybe a student passed this note to a friend when they realized that their name is pretty when translated into piano notes.