Take Me To The River

My friend lives in a complex frequented by homeless people as a short cut. Apparently they were using the semi-hidden porches in the parking lot area to poo in privacy. In an act of desperation this sign was put up, begging them to stop. I stole the sign; it wasn’t up for very long.


Why go to all the trouble of printing and posting the notices and then say you are not going to do anything about it?

Right to the Point

I found this business card-sized warning on the ground in Chinatown. These have been spotted across many Western Canadian cities.


“What’s in your moving box?”

Mexican Food Rox

My friend Rob saw this in a parking lot and texted me, “thought you’d appreciate it as much as I did.” P.S. I was in FOUND #8 2X! I read my name in it and thought, “Hey, someone has my name … whatever.” Then I looked at the thing again and thought, “Hey, that looks … Continued