Crazie Phychos

My roommate and I were walking to the corner store on a rainy Saturday morning, and we found this lying on the sidewalk. I can only assume that the writer and the recipient are BOTH psychos.

I’m The Boss Bitch

This was slipped under our door on the last day of finals at Heidelberg College. We have no idea who it is from, who wrote the reply, or why it was given to us. I especially like how they wish the “loud music playing man” a great summer.

Cover Girl

I found this item in a drawer of a sewing machine from the 1970s. I bought the machine for fifteen dollars at a fundraising garage sale for Boy Scouts about four years ago. It is written on the back of a blank Allstate Insurance Inspection Report. I still wonder if she ratted the cheater out.

New Plan

I found this on the ground in Park City. I think it’s left over from the Sundance Film Festival. I hope Reid felt better and did the green ones. Party like it’s 1974!

It’s Not Really That Nice

I found this at Michigan State University under some bushes outside the Kresge Art Museum.

Sticky Note

Found folded up on a counter in our studio this morning. I wonder what it was originally attached to.

Take Me To The River

My friend lives in a complex frequented by homeless people as a short cut. Apparently they were using the semi-hidden porches in the parking lot area to poo in privacy. In an act of desperation this sign was put up, begging them to stop. I stole the sign; it wasn’t up for very long.


Why go to all the trouble of printing and posting the notices and then say you are not going to do anything about it?