We’d Really Appreciate It

Found this on our car at our sister’s apartment late one night. Obviously, they need a special spot to load their “loads.” We park there because they hit my sister’s car before, then asked if they could make more room to park there.

Get Back to Work

A co-worker knocked the metal piece off the top of her cubicle, and hidden underneath were a few notes. I made a photocopy before replacing them. it’s almost like a time capsule; I am thinking of adding “Obama ’08″ on my own scrap.

Take Care!

I found this stuck to the door of the women’s restroom during my first week at a new job… made me wonder what I had gotten myself into.

A Big Beef

This note was folded up and stuffed under the door of our house. We don’t own a dog.

Car Alarm

I found this on the ground in the parking lot of my apartments … the ending remarks are sweet.

Here Are Your Choices

My dad just called me laughing hysterically- he found this note blown into his yard. Mike is his asshole neighbor’s kid who just graduated high school. Ha ha.

Campus Safety

This note was found on my car after I parked in the temporary spots in front of the high school dorm on my college campus. The note is written on the back of a Scantron.

Thought You Should Know

I found this on my car’s windshield one morning. My boyfriend’s house is right across the street from the local high school. I hope Chris got what was coming to him.

It Means Explore

This was addressed and mailed to my mom. We still have no idea who sent it, or how they achieved the mental capacity to figure out how to work the mailbox.