Prayerful and Patriotic Homage to Barack Obama


FOUND by Matt Conway in Manhattan, New York City, New York

I found this on a bench while waiting for the Lexington Ave. subway. It’s so carefully crafted and the sentiment rings so true, that I had to pick it up. Oddly, it’s drawn on the back of a truck driver’s pay stub, which I think somehow adds to the authentic feel of it. My girlfriend wouldn’t tell me if she was for Clinton or Obama, but she’s clamped onto this bit of ephemera, and says it’s a good luck charm for her (and a vocabulary-builder for both of us, in more ways than one).

Message in a Bottle


FOUND by Chooch Friedman in Montauk, New York

Dear Found Magazine, First, I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for the permanent crook that I now have in my neck from scouring the landscape. We live on the beach; all kinds of things wash up. This note was found this morning by my husband while he and Stella the dog were out for a stroll. We were really fired up because in all the years we’ve lived here, we hadn’t found a note in a bottle until this one. So, then came the problem of how to get the note out intact. The tweezers were too short, as were needle nosed pliers, and we had no hemostats. The neighbor, who is a leftover from Berkley 1968, surely has some, but his shades were down and I just could not wait for him to get up, so I put the bottle in a plastic bag and nailed it with a hammer. It was a little deflating because I was hoping for a note from someone across the Atlantic, but it was still pretty funny.