Switchin’ Teams

My wife and I were sitting at an exit light off the Madison beltline when I noticed the title of this piece of paper that was sitting on the side of the road. I simply had to read it.


I found this on the streets of SF when I was living there sometime around 1995-1998. I hope whoever created it is still running amok.

Man Dying

I found this crayon drawing blowing around in a pile of leaves outside of my apartment in September, 2004. I kept it, simply for the fact that it was so creepy. When I heard about FOUND this drawing came to mind. The drawing is haunting, especially after all the media attention to the Matthew Shepherd … Continued


This flash card was in a Marxist theory textbook that I bought online, secondhand. All the margins are full of cramped, tiny, illegible notes, and this fell out of the middle.

I’m Gone Make Him Cry

Mackenzie found this on the Metro train after a Cardinals game. The front looks like innocent schoolwork; the back belies the glorification of violence in our youth.

For Your Safety and Mine

Found this in the street about a mile from Clissold Park. I think Tom is in a whole heap of trouble!

Through Your Throat

I keep my fenced-in yard clean– no tree or plant debris, no broken down satellite dishes or old snowmobiles or toilets turned into planters. I found this one morning- it wasn’t there when I walked the dogs the night before.


This was found stapled to telephone poles and poster boards all around the ’9th and 9th’ area of Salt Lake City. This is a sort of hipster area of town, and many gay couples hang out there. One morning we were getting coffee and these photocopies were everywhere! I kept one because it was just … Continued

Speak Your Mind

Found this in the hallway of my high school.