Groceries and Sex


FOUND by Leslie Constans in Tualatin, Oregon

I found this list in June 2002 in the women’s restroom of a supermarket. I glanced over the front and realized that someone had forgotten her shopping list for an upcoming vacation. I probably wouldn’t have flipped it, except for the fact that the person had written “-over-” at the bottom of the page. The back listed a number of activities to do while on vacation, ending, amusingly enough, with “lots of sex.”

(Re-blog from 2004)

It’s a Small World


FOUND by Ed Holmes at a beach garbage dump in Mazatlan, Mexico

It pictures a young hitchhiker with a rolled up sleeping bag with his thumb out. The car in front of him is about a 1950 Mercury Taxi. So far nothing unusual except for a few things:

* I knew that guy. We’d been in high school together. He graduated a year ahead of me and did what I had been talking about doing myself– leave Seattle and go to the southern tip of South America by motorcycle. He left with two other friends and got as far as Panama on their motorcycles and that is where the Panamerican Highway ended (and still does). The other two went to the Caribbean and he began to hitchhike south.

* This picture was probably taken in Quito, Ecuador (license plate of the Taxi attests to that) and written on the back of this 8×10 Black and White photo is the salutation, “Thank you for your help on my trip around the world, Seattle, Washington 4/3/61.” The fact that the photo was taken in Quito,Ecuador and wound up in a garbage dump on the beach in Mazatlan and came into my possession is truly a small world wonder.

Everglades Gangsters


FOUND by Amber Dawn in North Carolina

Recently I acquired several slide trays which contained photos from the 1960s and early 1970s. This one is simply captioned “March 1970.” As far as I could tell, there were no more photos pertaining to the gun club, but there were a lot of vacation photos, so maybe these folks just stopped because they wanted to pose in front of this sign. I’ve done that before.