Life’s a Beach

I found this in a How-To Home Improvement book from the library. It was in the deck building section, just another place to have a party.

Can We Talk PLEASE

Found on the floor of an office block in Melbourne Central.


One of the photos I found left in a computer lab scanner where I work.

Move Closer

I found this when I went out to eat somewhere in town. It was lying on the floor next to the table.


I found this picture outside of a CVS. It looked a little beaten up, so I figured I would send it in rather than letting it get destroyed.

Love Billy Bradley

My husband found this note, which looks like it was typed on a manual typewriter, in a book in a used bookstore.

Rocking Out

I found this picture in an old Girl Scouts manual circa 1935. I think these four might very well be the true inventors of the “rock” hand sign.

Great Adventure

The note on the back reads, “May 16, 1981, Day after the Prom, Great Adventure.”

A Day at Starved Rock

Found a camera as I was walking around Starved Rock. The camera was destroyed but the memory card survived.

Bad Horse

Found on Eça de Queiroz street.