Street Scene

I found this photograph in an alley behind a store where I used to work. I can’t tell where the photo was taken, or why there’d be a tank in the street…

To Get Mysteriously Ill

I found this note at my work. The janitors seem to be planning the weekend.

Once More to the Lake

I got an old slide projector from an even older man. He bought the projector at a garage sale many years ago and it came with a few slides.

Colonial Tea

I found this picture in the basement of my university. This picture reminds me of the beginning of Hitchcock’s The Man Who Knew Too Much.

Try New York

I found this note in the front left pocket of a pair of jeans I was trying on at the Bootlegger in the Burlington Mall. Oddly enough I had just been considering the idea of taking a trip to New York with a friend of mine. I don’t know what the # 28 represents though.


I found this outside the Communication Department at the University of Texas.


A 3×5 card found at Edmonds Community College.

Greece Gone Wrong

On the winter sidewalk sat half a photograph- I looked around but I couldn’t find the other half anywhere. On the back I can make out the partial word “Acova (19)” and beneath that “Greece.” What sort of emotions made the owner of it tear it in half? And what was in the other half … Continued

Take Me

Found in a Tybee Island dumpster. Message on back says “Take me to your leader.”