I’m Grateful

Found crumpled in the grass along a riverside walkway. I never guessed someone earning $750,000 a year would have to convince themselves it was worth it. I guess the pressure increases with the zeros.

Is This What I Want

I was on the first date since my divorce when I saw this on the sidewalk, wedged against the side of a building. How could they have known what I would be thinking?


I found this on a sidewalk while walking to school. I pictured my own life flying by until I became the person who was writing this note.

It’s Not on Any Calendar

This was found behind a cabinet while cleaning. Written by my grandmother? No idea when or what holiday had her confused.

Maybe She’ll Turn You Into A Toad?

I’ve been wistfully scanning the ground since I discovered this website, searching diligently for the perfect FOUND thing. Then last week at my local community college where I’m taking a sign language class I walked into the classroom to see the perfect specimen. I hope Michael makes it through his crisis, and wish we all … Continued

I Want Us to Last Forever

I found this on a busy urban road, lying face-down on the sidewalk in front of an apartment complex.

Introspective Angst

Found on the road under our mailbox next to the Pearson Air Museum. It’s part of a note book. Many of the pages are dated. All are from 1990. I wonder where has this been for the last few decades? It was kept a long time, it must have meant something to someone.