Hard Christmas

I found this lying in a puddle close to Ladywell Fields and it immediately raised questions about ladywellness before Christmas.

Mysterious Interior

I have no idea what this photograph is of, it was a random find on a street. On closer inspection, the photograph has that texture of many shoes treading it into the pavement. I’m pretty sure it is meant to be this way up, as there is a sign on the left-hand wall which I … Continued

Looking for Love

Found this near a notice board at my university. I love it.

No Eyes

I found this outside a photo-me booth in Brighton back in 1993. He’s now with me out here in the desert in Dubai. I like how he looks down to his left in the second shot. Is he checking the operating instructions? Obviously all appeared well because he resumed his pose for the last two … Continued


I found this on the floor outside the canteen at college.

You Don’t Work Here

My girlfriend found this under her windscreen wiper after parking at her old place of work one day last summer. It s a good, free place to park for the city center. Obviously someone wasn t happy!

Scruffy The Space Horse

Whilst on a trip around a toy museum, I found this. Evidently it’s a drawing of a possible toy design, one which would make the inventor millions, as it is pure genius. Scruffy has become something of a legend to my friends.

The Trio

Old passport-style photos found on a small path leading to a river. I would love to know who these people are now.

Before The Before

As I was locking the gate to leave the house, I saw that someone’s bin had blown over. As I went to pick them up, I found this neatly-folded note in front of a plant pot. In a really odd way it made my day to think that this girl was revising harder than I … Continued