Release the Beaver


FOUND by Nikki in Houma, Louisiana

Found while cleaning out my desk at work. I got to the bottom of a pile of papers that had been left by the previous occupant of my desk and found a CD labeled “Release the Beaver.” I popped it into the computer and found this single photo file. Something about this photo made me hold onto it. The pink hues, the giant beaver, the giant beaver pride.

Fly Fisherman


FOUND by Brandon Simmons in Little Rock, Arkansas

I found this in a fly fishing coffee table book purchased at the Cox Creative Center (which happens to be the last remaining used-book store in my hometown). There was also a letter, dated 1/28/90, sent along w/ this picture of the “master angler” attached.

The Great Northern Hotel


FOUND by Nikki in the “lost and found” box at work

At work today an e-mail went out to all staff warning that the Lost and Found box was going to be dumped. In the e-mail was a list of completely random items (gold earring with “precious” written on it, 3 maps of Africa, a stuffed M&M doll, etc), but one item really stood out as a gem. It was describes as a photo of an “older white lady with a large real stuffed brown bear.” I was completely giddy with anticipation as I pondered what the photo might look like, or how it came to be. Long story short, we claimed it as ours and hijacked it from the Lost and Found box. Obviously we were pleasantly surprised.