Crappy Day

I found this one afternoon when I arrived to open up the bar I work out. The bar’s custodian left it by the register. Poor guy.

Do I Smell Burning?

Found face up on the ground while I was waiting at New Cross Bus Garage.

Sticky Poo

I work for one of the world’s major oil companies as a design engineer. I saw this in the bathroom cubicle next to one of the cafeterias.

Sometime Hours Later

I found this after moving into a new house. It made me worried that I should call the landlord before there were any problems.

Free Flushes

Found this on my walk to school. Wonder why the bear is so formally dressed, or what sort of “flushes” he’s offering.

Bathroom Break?

When I got back to work after my vacation, this note was waiting in the ladies’ room, on the door of the middle stall (this toilet does have a weak flush). My friend told me it had been up for a while and she thought her manager had put it up (from the handwriting). I … Continued

Taking A Piss

I found this sign in the one of the bathrooms in my office building. Obviously someone got pretty pissed off when they went to sit on the toilet!

I, Uh, “Won’t”

I found this crumpled up in a little ball on the floor of a beauty parlor washroom sometime back. It’s now hanging in my own bathroom.

Don’t Worry

I found this note while sorting through my mother-in-law’s papers after her death. She had an amazing sense of humor and never threw anything away.

Sit on it

It’s the collection of little differences that I enjoy when I’m abroad, and this was a great reminder I was far from home. It was taped to a toilet cubicle in Uganda, presumably after they had to keep wiping mud of the toilet seat.