Give Craig Money

I found this list in a stairwell in my college dorm in Oneonta, NY. What first came to mind was the hope that the writer felt motivated enough to do something today. And also the question of what she is giving Craig money for.

2 Do List

Found in the hallway of my sister’s very professional workplace.

Only The Essentials

I work at a library and found this “grocery” list being used as a bookmark. The list kept going but my scanner will only do 8×11. I’d love to try this diet!

DUI To-Do List

I found this outside the “studio” where I am shooting an ultra low-budget monster movie. It makes me wonder about our cast.

Drano Dinner

I found this list at the local grocery store. Sounds like New York is having a pretty good meal…until you get to the bottom of the list. Glad I wasn’t invited over for dinner.


I found this outside the Communication Department at the University of Texas.

Turn Off BPS

This is a strange to-do list I found in a library book. BPS? Hope everything turned out okay with Jim’s taxes, Tammy’s insurance, and the “plot”.