Things To Do

I found this list on the floor in an aisle at Tuesday Morning, the store that I work for. I was so excited that I finally found something worth sending in!

Danielle’s Shit

I found this to-do list in my math book. This dude must have been really busy with “Danielle’s shit”, the “kitty litter”, and the overhaul of a car.

Before The Before

As I was locking the gate to leave the house, I saw that someone’s bin had blown over. As I went to pick them up, I found this neatly-folded note in front of a plant pot. In a really odd way it made my day to think that this girl was revising harder than I … Continued

I’m Bossy

I found this in a little flower pot for your straw wrappers outside.

Action! List!

I manage some apartments. One night the garbage was overflowing with a plastic bag full of Coke cans. When I opened the bag this “Action List” was inside. Two things strike me as funny. The first is that getting a job is more important than getting off heroin. And second, besides a dozen empty Coke … Continued

Love Seat, Sledge Hammer, Railroad Spike, Key

I found this in a book returned to the library, the same library mentioned in the note. I like to think of Rita and Walker as two lovers who are planning to go on a hammer killing spree.

Do Right Now

Here’s one of the notes that have been slipped through the mail slot in my door for years and years. They’d stopped for awhile and then I got three more within a week. No idea who this person is.