Death and Taxes

Found in old file while setting up a computer lab, left by a previous employee with a wide-ranging set of important things to do.

2 Doo List

Found inside the paper bin at the local township recycle center.

Fall and Winter Goals

It looks like a list of goals from 2 people. I love that “get laid” is underlined 3 times.

Last But Not Least

On my morning walk, this happens to get stuck to the bottom of my shoe. On Wood St.

50 Feet Penis

I grabbed a cart at the Home Depot the other day and this list had been left in the basket. Was it the daydream of a lonely artisan or a prank played by a snarky coworker? Either way that’s a lot of penis.

Feet Bleed

This was found at the Oconomowoc Public Library. Though this child appears to be very loving, I’m thinking that they probably shouldn’t own a pet.

Nic Fit

Found in the street


I hope the guy got the rest of his errands done. He left this at the cleaners where I work.

What I Want Most

This was found by the media specialist in the high school where I teach. I’m not sure if it was for an assignment or just the random thoughts of teenager.