I found this on the floor of the elevator in my dorm. Yikes, sounds serious.

Burning and Urinating

After returning to the elevator of my old apartment building, I found this next to the entrance. The elevator was carpeted from floor to ceiling and had absolutely no ventilation to relieve itself from the unmistakable stench.

It Is Junk

In Chicago the people fight over parking spots on public road way that they shovel out, sometimes it gets personal!

Ghetto Food

My co-workers and I found this note attached to the shared office refrigerator, which was down the hall and around the corner from our little pod.

Feal the Need

I found this in the laundry room of my apartment complex. Apparently someone felt passionate about not having their clothes placed on a “dirty-ass washer.” I like that whoever did the horrible deed posted an anonymous reply below.


I found this love letter/threat on a vacant seat on the #76 east-bound bus, on the way to DJ at Delilah’s one unseasonably warm evening.

You Don’t Work Here

My girlfriend found this under her windscreen wiper after parking at her old place of work one day last summer. It s a good, free place to park for the city center. Obviously someone wasn t happy!

And That’s a Promise

My husband’s grandfather’s home was rented to various people after Grandpa passed away, but when we went to the house when we were getting ready to sell the place, we found this on one of doors. Grandpa’s house is in a relatively remote location, so this person had to go out of their way to … Continued

Just Because You Copulate

This note was posted throughout our building. People were obliged to write responses all over these notes.

How Dare You

I’ve been hoping to find something like this since I first read FOUND in a Madison bar many years ago. I think the letter speaks for itself, and I hope it repays some of the chuckles I’ve had from this site over the years.