The Dragonaires

We’re a record store. As it’s the 50th anniversary of the death of JFK, we found a JFK tribute record we were going to play, and out fell these scraps of paper. Really awesome stuff. Wish I knew who they were and where they were from.

I’m Not Telling You Again

I parked too close to someone’s driveway; they tripped out, poured milk on my car, and left this note.

I Remember My First Beer

Found this taped to a tree on my walk home from classes. Mifflin St. Block Party was this weekend … perhaps the “degenerate” was influenced to throw a beer bottle at a car after participating in Mifflin. Sucks for the owner of the car, but they were quite creative in their insults, so I have … Continued

Shuga Lane

Found this at a YMCA lab I used to oversee. One of many mad notes inked on our printers with perplexing threats.

Generic Asshole

I found this in my driveway one morning. At first I was really alarmed, and paranoid because I thought it was really aimed at me, but when I calmed down I realized it didn’t make sense: I am not a Generic Asshole and I have my own parking space. I liked it because I have … Continued


Whoever wrote this was pissed off. Funny part is how small the piece of paper is. It must’ve have been really late and this is all he could find to write on.

Going Postal

It’s pretty sweet when you know someone in your apartment complex is 10 seconds from going postal. If the guy is ever caught I think Scott from Apt 1 should take this to Judge Judy.

Do I Smell Burning?

Found face up on the ground while I was waiting at New Cross Bus Garage.

Grand Theft Laundry

This note was found posted on a bulletin board in the laundry room of a housing community on the University of Central Florida campus.