German Fireworks


FOUND by Jonathan tied to the stick of a spent firework, found laying in our garden New Year’s Day.

We live in Germany. As far as I can make out, it says:

“Dear heaven, I wish for more serenity for me, a friend for Carmen, health for Claudi and me, a new job! peace on Earth and always the right decisions! A star for you! Mama you passed on, you are missed so much”

I think I got the gist of it, and I hope that by sharing it, whoever wrote it gets what they wish for. Happy New Year!! :-)

Endless Love


FOUND by Monica Anchondo in Las Vegas, Nevada

I bought Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember at my local library’s bookstore. A beautiful but tragic love story. Inside I found a real love letter written on the first page. After reading it I couldn’t help but wonder what happened them and why would anyone give away such a beautiful letter.