Great Job Reading

I found this piece on the sidewalk about a quarter-mile from my daughter’s elementary school.

When You Gotta Go

I go for walks in my neighborhood every evening and always keep my eyes open for anything I could send in. I found this note near my front door upon returning home from one of my walks. Looks like Stevie’s mom didn’t get this note.

Super Gay

I am a teacher and one thing that I find amazing is the amount of paper waste that accumulates over the course of a day.

OK, Write Again

My girlfriend and I found this at a campground between BFE and Ojai, California.

The Police Are Responding

I had just moved into a new house where some dodgy pipe work kept me awake at night. At 4 am during a fit of sleepless rage I pulled up the floorboards to find not pipes, but this note. As far as I am aware there are no schools nearby but what concerns me more … Continued