When You Left

This still had a piece of tape stuck to it when I found it.

A Chill Spot

While exploring a cute little park, my friends and I found, attached to a bench, a notebook with a pen inside – a guestbook of sorts for the park. I was happy to find that someone had already ripped out this page and left it right under the notebook.

Geeked Up

Found in a trigonometry classroom … oh, the irony.

Camera Obscura

Walking out of my apartment, around the corner from the LA Community College, I found this dirtied folded piece of paper. Being across the street from a college, there is always paper flying everywhere. My neighbors and I have put a garbage can on the corner to try and encourage students not to litter on … Continued

Im Bord

I found this while busing tables at the local restaurant where I work. We use these orange papers to roll our silverware.

The Polite Vamp

While walking into my local purveyor of finely crafted crap from China, I spied the word “blood” on a piece of paper in the parking lot. Thinking it was someone’s Christmas shopping list, I picked it up…


I found this coffee filter in the street outside my neighbor’s house. It caught my attention because of the bright pink letters spelling “Hooba-shlaka.” I have no idea what it means.


I found this last summer in a pile of leaflets on a bench in Bristol.

I Believe, Too

Shortly after being introduced to FOUND Magazine, I found this under a desk in my French class. I keep it on my desk by my computer and it makes me smile every time I see it.