Turn Down For What


FOUND by Ken in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Found this while walking to the store. It was lying by the sidewalk, across the street from a well-known (and LOUD) party house, at the intersection of Fuller & Fulton. Having just discovered your website a few days ago, I was pleased with this find. I’m scanning the ground like a dork every time I leave the house now.


(REBLOG from 2008)

Tooken Away


FOUND by Debra in Vancouver, Washington

This afternoon I found this in my ex’s front yard as I was dropping our daughter off. My ex told me that the neighbors’ daughter has three foster children that she is in the process of trying to adopt, and wondered if this came from one of the older kids. It looked like whoever wrote it was starting a project as this was the front page of several sheets of notebook paper stapled together, but this is as far as they got. It’s been raining so the lines on the paper have run. I hope this kid has a brighter future than they started with. Keep writing and talking it out, kid! There is freedom in telling your story.

Twisted Heart


FOUND by Jorge Cruz on the floor at work

I walked into my work area to work a midnight shift at a large call center during regular hours with hundreds of people. You don’t really get to see any open space or clear spots, so while I was walking to my desk at an hour when the center was abandoned. I noticed a crumpled up piece of paper by a cubicle and I thought must be one of part-time new hire kids with a twisted sense of poetry.

Out of the Family


FOUND by Jennifer Yuen in Oakland Hills, California

We went on out nightly walk around or neighborhood and on our way back I noticed a wadded up piece of yellow paper under a bush. At first I just glanced at it and kept walking but then I turned around and grabbed it! To my utter shock and delight it was SOMETHING! It reads “we would like to talk to you about saying you are out of the family.” I laughed and my husband asked what it was and before answering him I explained what I had listened to today and then showed him the paper. He agree how odd, weird, and cool it was! So here I am, with my first find on the first day I heard about FOUND and the first thing I picked up!