Someone was having a good time until…  Found outside the CC Club.

Broken BBQ

Someone is disgruntled at the vending machine.

Why Do I Care?

I found this in a notepad in the library at my high school.

Buzz Lightyear

I found this in a gutter while walking my dogs. I especially liked the exclamation point.

Beautiful Day

I found this in one of the computer labs at the college where I work. It was mid-May and we were just experiencing the first good days of spring.


My friend Justin and I found this Post-it when cleaning off the desk of a recently fired co-worker. The circumstances of her leaving were dubious and she was kind of a mystery herself, so this became all the more curious a message to us. I promptly taped it to my desk where it’s been the … Continued

Quiet Time

Found on the floor at my job. It makes me so happy.

Scientific Method

I found this study note card on the lawn of John Marshall High School.

Squeeze My Cheeks

I found this while renovating our 100-year-old house. It was in the space under the stairs.