So Over

This tiny post-it note was stuck on a handrail at the Wellington Railway Station. I walked past it but it was too good and I had to go back and get it for FOUND.

Talk To Her

I found this on top of a blue newspaper recycling bin on the CTA Blue Line El stop at Oak Park Avenue. It was a few days before Christmas.

An Ominous Post-It

I found this post-it  presumably a note my predecessor had written to herself  in my desk during my first day on the job. How depressing.


I found this on the floor outside the canteen at college.


I came out of Office Depot one night recently to find this under my wiper blade. The weird part was that my car was the only one close to the store in the Office Depot parking lot at that hour. I guess I looked singularly clueless to someone who had been there and left. I … Continued

Ran Over Bob

I found this intriguing note on the ground in the short-stay car park at Stansted Airport. It was written on the back of a Hertz car rental post-it note. Did Gary run over Bob with a Hoover, I wonder?

Menu Planner

I found this in a trash can at the pregnancy clinic that I clean every weekend. I wonder if it were written as a note-to-self or a note to someone else. I think the latter would be pretty cute.