Advice for Dad

I found this in a book entitled “Violence and the Sacred;” I’m not sure if that makes the note funnier or not. As a dad myself, I think the advice is pretty astute, though.

Leave Me Be

Found in the hands of my 65 year-old special needs aunt who picks up everything she sees, especially the shiny things. She picked it up during a walk to the park.

In Spite of

Did she empty the account? THAT’S spite!

He IS Real

I was taking the SAT a few weeks ago and found this on the floor behind me as I went to leave.

Had Enough

I found this in the parking lot outside the restaurant where I work.

Left My Heart in San Francisco

Found this on the railing to a wooden bridge near the Buddha. Seems someone left more than a photo behind.

Lost Cat

I saw about 5 or 6 of these posted near the corner of Broome St. and Broadway. Oddly none had any contact information included. It turns out that this was written on the back side of a flier for a Psychic Shop. So, will the psychic know the number of the person who finds the … Continued

I’m Gonna Go…

Found this on the floor of a discount bookstore. This little slip of paper that said “EAT” was on top of another small slip of paper that said “I’m gonna go…”

Well, ARE They?

This was found near a wastebasket at my doctor’s office. It appears to be the continuation of a discussion. And who are “they,” anyway?