All She Wants

My school has been around for over a century. My friend and I went snooping and found a small room hidden behind the old gym. It had many old files and portfolios of students from many years ago. In the mix was this small index card.

You Can Fly

Discovered on the lawn of the Texas Memorial Museum in fall 2001, while leaving work. At first I thought it an excited inference concerning select evolutionary adaptations of the Texas Pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus, inside the museum. Or maybe an enthusiastic decision on the burning supper issue: pizza vs. hot wings. But it’s so whimsical that it … Continued

Price of Admission

I found this yellow sticky note on the ground, after a good rain, while I was out for a walk.

Sorry If I Get on Your Nerves

I found this strip of paper folded up and sitting on a bench at a local community college. I have a feeling this relationship is doomed!

2nd Rate

This was found on the ground at Ithaca College.


I found this folded up on the ground when I was walking home.


My roommate and I found this taped to the glass window beside a doorway in our dorm hall on a Saturday morning. There must be an extremely interesting story behind it… perhaps shedding some light on the crashing and shouting we heard the night before. Even if he did keep us up, hopefully Sebastian will … Continued

God Is on the Next Page

A hilarious find from a recent trip to Boulder. Found on a “scribble pad” in a church during a music recital. There was nothing on the next page, by the way.

Get on Board!

I was walking out of my local grocery store one evening when this caught my eye. I’m hoping it belonged to the vehicle of some rockin’ lesbians, heading out on a road trip to the nearest PrideFest. But part of me thinks that it may have been placed on someone’s car as a prank. I’m … Continued

Crazie Phychos

My roommate and I were walking to the corner store on a rainy Saturday morning, and we found this lying on the sidewalk. I can only assume that the writer and the recipient are BOTH psychos.