Some One, or Myself

My boyfriend works in a supermarket and keeps finding these notes tucked in the shelves.

Sluts R “Us”

I found this on my way out of the grocery store one night, in an empty handicapped parking spot. It appears to be on the back of something from the local hospital’s birth center.

Boobs for Canada

Found this on the side of the street a few days after Canada Day (the Canadian equivalent of the U.S.’s July 4th).


I think this fell out of someone’s backpack. It was on the ground next to them. Glad they didn’t pick it up.


I found this tacked to a cork board in a random university building. It is by far the strangest pony I have ever seen. No face, two legs and a torso that looks like a deformed squash? This pony has some problems.

Advice for Dad

I found this in a book entitled “Violence and the Sacred;” I’m not sure if that makes the note funnier or not. As a dad myself, I think the advice is pretty astute, though.

Leave Me Be

Found in the hands of my 65 year-old special needs aunt who picks up everything she sees, especially the shiny things. She picked it up during a walk to the park.