I think this fell out of someone’s backpack. It was on the ground next to them. Glad they didn’t pick it up.


I found this tacked to a cork board in a random university building. It is by far the strangest pony I have ever seen. No face, two legs and a torso that looks like a deformed squash? This pony has some problems.

Advice for Dad

I found this in a book entitled “Violence and the Sacred;” I’m not sure if that makes the note funnier or not. As a dad myself, I think the advice is pretty astute, though.

Leave Me Be

Found in the hands of my 65 year-old special needs aunt who picks up everything she sees, especially the shiny things. She picked it up during a walk to the park.

In Spite of

Did she empty the account? THAT’S spite!

He IS Real

I was taking the SAT a few weeks ago and found this on the floor behind me as I went to leave.

Had Enough

I found this in the parking lot outside the restaurant where I work.