Adil’s Idea of Storytelling

I used this quote in an ESL presentation about children’s writing. I’ve saved it since 1996.

Congratulations, It’s Time

I found this underneath some dirty, dusty computer cables at work. I love the fact that the note is praising somebody, but at the same time bursting a bubble with the “cup is half empty” attitude. Good stuff.

Alyssa’s Journal

While at a conference for work, a group of other attendees wanted to go to this thrift store. I was the only one to find something.

Poor Cat

My little sister found this on the city bus. My question: why did this person need a reminder for one thing, and why HARD cat food? It just sounds cruel!

A Little Extra Emphasis

I was walking through the hallways of my high school and I stumbled upon a bunch of papers by the theater door. Intrigued, I stopped and picked up a few of the papers. I wonder why someone was so pathetic that he or she deserved four lines underneath the word.

Identity Crisis

I found this in the street one night when I was walking to Salem, MA from Beverly, MA.

You Look A Lot Like Love

I found this while hungover one morning, stuck loosely on the side of a building on Dwight St. at San Pablo. A group of us were headed to the car when I spotted it. Quite a glorious find!

Money Where Your Mouth Is

I received this dollar bill a while ago as change. I didn’t want to spend it, even when I needed an extra dollar–I’d always borrow instead. Something tells me that this was a bet. “I’ve got a dollar that says I can make this putt.” I wonder if those golfers have upped their antes since … Continued

Reasonable Fear

I found this in a bush on my college campus. The back of the card has Greek letters and the name “Jen”, so I suppose it was part of a sorority pledge game. Or maybe Jen just really needed to get something off her chest.