My Nightmare

I found this near my house.

Ms. Flirty

Found this inside a paperback at a used book sale.

Baby Dear

My boyfriend Trevor noticed this on the bulletin board in the communal laundry room of our apartment complex. The story was proudly thumb-tacked to the board (in the order of author, story, and then title) for everyone to read. While the pride and joy that Tiffany clearly took in writing and displaying this made me … Continued

More Justice

Here is the rest of the journal.

Chapter 1

Found this on a sidewalk near Martha’s Vineyard a couple years ago. It still makes me laugh. What the heck!

Elevator Pitch

I was picking up sticks and other small articles prior to mowing my lawn when I found this nicely folded up piece of paper sitting in the grass, still wet from the morning watering. The paper is a vellum bristol making it substantial enough to stand up to moisture. The characters were produced on a … Continued

Flash Fiction Afro

A mere thirty-six words to tell a story, letting our imaginations flesh out the rest.

It’s Not Your Baby

I found this in my English class. I’m thinking it belonged to the Greek mythologist in the class before ours.

Oprah Story

Found this in a mall parking lot. I think it’s pretty funny. I’m curious as to what will happen next.