Drunk or Marxist?


FOUND by Andrew in Chesterfield, Missouri

Found this tucked into the door handle of my car while doing some grocery shopping in a fairly conservative suburb of St. Louis. I wasn’t looking for a response to my Obama bumper sticker, but I got one anyway. Then again, maybe the note-writer is merely expressing his/her displeasure with unintelligent Groucho fans who have questionable hygiene. Or maybe the question is meaningless and it’s someone protesting Bo Jackson.

Dog Show


(Click image to enlarge)

FOUND by Brielle in St. Louis, Missouri

Walking home late last night after seeing a concert, we found the sidewalk scattered with these flyers for an upcoming neighborhood dog show. This budding typographer created a flyer filled with tons of enthusiasm! She even figured out how to draw a dog doing a handstand in the form of the letter “H.” I’m sure she is counting on her dog to take several of the prize categories.